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It’s late and you fancy a drink, when you open your fridge, you realize you haven’t bought enough wine to enjoy with your loved ones, don’t worry! We got you! At Kirikan we always have a selection of Wines, Drinks & Beverages for you. They are not free, but certainly convenient!
Check our Food or Drink Menu and save some time cooking! From Croissants to Stirloin Steak or from Nasi Goreng to Pancakes, we will add even more flavour to your vacation.
YES! There is a chef available for you! At Kirikan we believe in making your life easier and better so we also have a chef available upon request in order to give you some extra peace of mind.
If you feel like getting to know more outside the Kirikan complex and want to do it in the most ergonomic way, we have a solution for you! We have daily trips available custom made for you upon request, one of our local guides will take you to the best spots and share magical moments. Check our activities here
In order to make you feel safe and attended at any time of the day or night, we have available 24h Security every day of the week.
Rent a bike
For those who want to explore on their own and seek adventure, we have available bikes to rent.
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